by Chris Lima
Tuesday, July 8

In order to help Bomber slugger Jason Giambi make his way to the 2008 All-Star Game, the New York Yankees have started up a "Support the Stache" campaign. Yankee radio and television announcers (Michael Kay, John Sterling, David Cone, Susan Waldman, etc) will be delivering the "Support the Stache" rally cry during their broadcasts.

Yankee Officials have also submitted five Jason Giambi autographed baseballs to be distributed to fans who vote for Giambi on MLB.com

If you're interested in contributing to the "Support the Stache" campaign, you can click on the banner ad in the right hand column on this website. The ad transports you to the voting page on MLB.com

River Avenue writers will contribute to the "Support the Stache" campaign by donating ad space to ensure that baseball's classiest mustache shows up for the All-Star Game

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