Boston handed the Bombers yet another loss, dropping them into fourth place in the AL East. The last time the Yankees were in fourth place this late in the season was at the end of the 1992 season.

The Yanks had a 3 run lead after the first inning, but Rasner gave up three in the third and three more in the sixth inning, dropping his record to 4-7.

New York Yankees
J Damon LF1110000.319
B Gardner LF3100122.077
D Jeter SS4021101.282
B Abreu RF4100105.277
A Rodriguez 3B4122004.319
J Giambi 1B2001101.263
J Posada DH3000111.281
R Cano 2B4000013.248
M Cabrera CF3010000.246
J Molina C2000103.230
a-W Betemit PH1000000.256
a-flied out to center for J Molina in the 9th
2B: J Damon (23, J Beckett); A Rodriguez (18, J Beckett); D Jeter (16, J Papelbon)
RBI: A Rodriguez 2 (49), J Giambi (53), D Jeter (36)
SF: J Giambi
2-out RBI: D Jeter
GIDP: R Cano
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: B Abreu 1, A Rodriguez 2, J Molina 2
Team LOB: 8
E: A Rodriguez (7, throw)
DP: 2 (R Cano-D Jeter-J Giambi, J Molina-D Jeter).
New York Yankees
D Rasner (L, 4-7)5.01066321103-614.94
B Traber1.000010013-85.06
J Veras1.020001013-82.63
K Farnsworth0.00000006-33.89
E Ramirez2.000003025-172.90
HBP: D Pedroia (By D Rasner)
Batters faced: D Rasner 27; B Traber 4; J Veras 4; K Farnsworth 1; E Ramirez 5
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Rasner 7-5; B Traber 3-0; J Veras 0-1; K Farnsworth 0-0; E Ramirez 0-2

Scoring Summary

1stA Rodriguez doubled to left, J Damon and B Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to third advancing on throw.02
1stJ Giambi hit sacrifice fly to center, A Rodriguez scored.03
3rdM Lowell hit sacrifice fly to left, J Ellsbury scored.13
3rdK Youkilis tripled to deep left, D Pedroia and M Ramirez scored.33
5thM Lowell homered to left, D Pedroia and M Ramirez scored.63
9thD Jeter doubled to center, B Gardner scored.64

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