August 22, 2008
Stony Point, NY
by Chris Lima

Happy Birthday to Phil Lima, a loyal reader of River Avenue News!

Lima is the father of River Avenue News Founder and Writer Chris Lima, and for his birthday, the New York Yankees have given him a gift of his lifetime.

They're starting Carl Pavano.

You would think that all that Mr. Lima has been through with the Yankees, cheering them on as a baby during the 50's, growing up watching Mantle and Maris in the 60's, suffering through the 80's with his two baby sons, and enjoying the 90's with his teenagers, you would think the Yankees could do better than start Pavano.

You would think that after bringing the local day camp to Yankee games during the summer for the past 30 some odd years, after bringing family, friends, and co-workers to countless games in the Bronx (yes, even before the Bronx was cleaned up), you would think that the Yankees could do better for his birthday, thank start Carl Pavano.

Here's an interesting stat; if the Yankees let my Father throw out the ceremonial first pitch in tomorrow's game (even though they're in Baltimore), my Father would be statistically, emotionally (for the Bombers), and "fan-ally" better in every way shape or form than Carl Pavano ever could have been for the New York Yankees.

So, in celebrating my Father's birthday, and in hopes that either Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman, one of the Steinbrenners, or a parked garbage truck (in front of Pavano's car) reads this article before first pitch tomorrow, please do me a huge favor: Don't start Pavano. My father deserves better.

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