by Chris Lima
River Avenue News

According to the New Yankee Stadium's seat selector, fans positioned out in the left field bleachers will be starting a food products if anyone hits a ball down the right field line.

The above image is a screen shot from The big ugly gray mass in center field is actually the restaurant, which also serves as the batters eye.

So when Yankee firstbaseman of the future Jason Giambi/Adam Dunn/Xavier Nady smashes a ball down the right field line for a game winning/come from behind/meaningless stat padding shot home run, the fans in left will have to rely on someone else to clue them in on the action.

Interestingly enough, as listed on the website, Yankee officials are saying that “From the Bleachers to Yankees Premium Offerings, every fan will have more comfortable seating that offers improved sight lines.”

Well, almost everyone.

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