According to an article posted by Sports Illustrated's John Heyman, Brewer lefty CC Sabathia may not be looking for a big payday in the Bronx when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season;

The latest scuttlebutt heard on Sunday is that Sabathia does not want to go to the Yankees, who are nonetheless expected to make the biggest bid for the free-agent star.

A person close to Sabathia said a few days ago that the pitcher does indeed prefer to play in California "if all things are equal'' but also insisted that Sabathia has become "more open-minded'' about playing in one of the other 17 states, provinces or districts that have major league baseball. That person said that as recently as two years ago he couldn't have envisioned Sabathia choosing anywhere outside California but now could see it.

It was written in this space last week that the Angels are expected to make a big play for Sabathia, though it's presumed everywhere that the best monetary offer will come from the Bronx. As for the word that's gone around (including here) that Sabathia was going to acquire a home in Orange County, Calif., Sabathia recently has told folks that while he and his wife recently viewed homes in Southern California, they haven't made a purchase yet.

This would be just another setback that the Yanks must face this offseason, as they're sure to do some major re-tooling to right the ship.

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