Alex Rodriguez has 4 RBIs and Sidney Ponson got shelled, but the Yankees were able to keep their heads above water winning 13-9.

A-Rod, Abreu, and Damon each had three hits while Jeter, Nady, and Matsui each drove in two runners.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF4331200.316
D Jeter SS3322300.296
B Abreu RF5231112.302
A Rodriguez 3B6234003.309
J Giambi 1B4001116.249
C Ransom 1B0000000.600
X Nady LF5012022.300
H Matsui DH5022013.304
R Cano 2B5110003.268
I Rodriguez C5220010.281
HR: J Damon (12, 2nd inning off J Verlander 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: A Rodriguez 4 (85), J Giambi (85), H Matsui 2 (42), J Damon (58), X Nady 2 (25), B Abreu (84), D Jeter 2 (62)
SF: X Nady, J Giambi
2-out RBI: H Matsui 2, X Nady, D Jeter 2
GIDP: H Matsui
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: B Abreu 1, A Rodriguez 2, R Cano 1, H Matsui 1
Team LOB: 11
SB: B Abreu (16, 2nd base off J Verlander/B Inge)
E: R Cano (13, ground ball)
New York Yankees
S Ponson3.097611276-435.13
E Ramirez1.122231140-223.68
B Bruney (W, 2-0)1.210013030-142.42
P Coke1.010002020-120.00
D Marte1.000002018-107.11
C Britton1.000010018-93.78
WP: P Coke
Batters faced: S Ponson 20; E Ramirez 9; B Bruney 7; P Coke 4; D Marte 3; C Britton 4
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: S Ponson 5-3; E Ramirez 0-3; B Bruney 0-2; P Coke 0-1; D Marte 0-1; C Britton 1-2
Scoring Summary

1stA Rodriguez singled to center, J Damon and D Jeter scored, B Abreu to third.20
1stJ Giambi hit sacrifice fly to left, B Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to second.30
1stH Matsui singled to center, A Rodriguez scored.40
1stM Ordonez doubled to left, C Granderson scored.41
2ndJ Damon homered to right.51
2ndA Rodriguez safe at first on error by third baseman J Larish, D Jeter scored.61
2ndX Nady singled to left, B Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to second.71
2ndH Matsui singled to right, A Rodriguez scored, X Nady to third.81
2ndG Sheffield homered to left center.82
3rdB Abreu singled to left, I Rodriguez scored, J Damon to third, D Jeter to second.92
3rdA Rodriguez singled to left, J Damon scored, D Jeter to third, B Abreu to second.102
3rdX Nady hit sacrifice fly to left, D Jeter scored.112
4thB Inge homered to left, J Larish scored.114
4thP Polanco safe at first on error by second baseman R Cano, R Santiago scored, C Granderson to third.115
4thM Ordonez hit sacrifice fly to right, C Granderson scored.116
4thM Cabrera homered to right, P Polanco scored.118
5thM Ordonez singled to left, C Granderson scored, P Polanco to second.119
6thD Jeter singled to right, R Cano and I Rodriguez scored, J Damon to third.139

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