by Chris Lima
River Avenue News

While this strange regular season refuses to end, (White Sox force one game playoff with Twins) they Yankees find themselves in an unfamiliar place this early in the year; home.

Bombers emptied their lockers and packed up to head home for the winter, as unlikely teams such as the Devil Rays, Dodgers, and Brewers look to play deep into October.

Yankee fans can ask themselves what went wrong, and there are countless scapegoats to point a finger at; injuries and under performance, but mostly injuries.

You can't expect a team to win while your backup catcher plays in 100 games. You can't expect a team to win that has names like Ponson, Pavano, and Rasner anchoring the back end of the rotation. You can't expect a team to win when their "can't miss" prospects (Cabrera, Cano, Hughes, Kennedy) can't hit/throw.

In a season filled with should have/would have/could haves, the Yankees flat out failed to give their beloved Cathedral the proper sendoff it deserved, a World Series appearance.

In the following weeks, the Bomber's biggest goal is to resign General Manager Brian Cashman, who would do good to return to the Yankees. Cashman, invigorated by a losing season, needs to come back and build this team back into a contender.

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