Pirates fans got to rejoice after seeing the Pirates beat the Yanks in the Bomber's first trip back to Pittsburgh since the 1960 World Series.

Jose Bautista and Ryan Doumit both homered in the win, as the Bucs cruised to a 12-5 victory over the Yankees. Bobby Abreu hit his ninth homer of the season in the losing effort.

New York Yankees
M Cabrera CF3000205.251
D Jeter SS4110103.278
B Abreu RF4112113.273
A Rodriguez 3B5000012.324
J Giambi 1B3100011.267
J Posada C4110001.308
R Cano 2B4131000.235
J Christian LF4022001.500
D Rasner P0000200.000
a-J Molina PH1000001.216
L Hawkins P0000000.000
E Ramirez P0000000.000
b-W Betemit PH1000000.246
a-flied out to right for D Rasner in the 6th
b-reached on error for E Ramirez in the 9th
2B: J Posada (10, T Gorzelanny); R Cano (16, T Gorzelanny); J Christian (1, T Gorzelanny); D Jeter (11, T Yates)
HR: B Abreu (9, 9th inning off F Osoria 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: R Cano (27), J Christian 2 (2), B Abreu 2 (46)
2-out RBI: R Cano, B Abreu 2
GIDP: D Jeter, B Abreu, M Cabrera
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: A Rodriguez 1, M Cabrera 3, J Giambi 1
Team LOB: 8
SB: B Abreu (9, 2nd base off T Gorzelanny/R Doumit)
E: J Christian (1, bobble)
DP: 2 (A Rodriguez-R Cano-J Giambi, R Cano-J Giambi).
New York Yankees
D Rasner (L, 4-5)5.0107704287-594.50
L Hawkins2.274400049-306.12
E Ramirez0.121100012-73.09
WP: D Rasner 2
Batters faced: D Rasner 25; L Hawkins 13; E Ramirez 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Rasner 4-7; L Hawkins 5-3; E Ramirez 0-1

Scoring Summary

1stF Sanchez singled to left, N McLouth scored, F Sanchez to second on error by left fielder J Christian.01
1stA LaRoche singled to center, F Sanchez scored.02
3rdJ Bay doubled to deep center, F Sanchez scored.03
4thR Cano singled to left, J Posada scored.13
4thJ Bautista homered to left, D Mientkiewicz scored.15
5thR Doumit homered to right.16
5thA LaRoche scored on D Rasner's wild pitch.17
6thJ Christian doubled to left, J Giambi and R Cano scored.37
7thA LaRoche singled to right, J Bay scored, R Doumit to third.38
7thD Mientkiewicz hit sacrifice fly to right, R Doumit scored.39
8thN Morgan doubled to deep right, C Gomez and F Sanchez scored.311
8thR Doumit doubled to deep center, N Morgan scored.312
9thB Abreu homered to right center, D Jeter scored.512

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