Hours after Yankee Co-Owner Hank Steinbrenner blasted the team for its poor offensive performance, Yankee bats exploded for eighteen runs, crushing the Texas Rangers en route to a 18-7 win.

Jason Giambi hit a grand slam (6 RBI) and Alex Rodriguez (3 RBI) added another home run, highlighting the nine run seventh inning.

Things began to look grim for the Bombers when Sidney Ponson allowed two home runs to his former teammates in the sixth inning, blowing a Yankee lead. Ponson was less than stellar in his second start in Pinstripes, allowing seven runs, nine hits, only making it through five innings.

New York Yankees
J Damon LF6332002.320
D Jeter SS5110103.279
C Moeller 1B0000000.254
B Abreu RF5322103.284
A Rodriguez 3B3423200.321
A Gonzalez 3B-SS1000002.173
J Giambi DH4226001.268
J Posada C3112101.293
J Molina C1110000.233
R Cano 2B5121004.248
W Betemit 1B-3B4011102.267
B Gardner CF4211102.100
2B: R Cano (18, L Mendoza); B Abreu (19, W Madrigal); J Giambi (13, W Madrigal); J Posada (12, W Madrigal)
HR: J Giambi (18, 3rd inning off L Mendoza 3 on, 2 Out); A Rodriguez (17, 7th inning off J Wright 2 on, 2 Out)
RBI: R Cano (35), J Giambi 6 (52), J Posada 2 (22), W Betemit (14), B Gardner (1), J Damon 2 (37), A Rodriguez 3 (47), B Abreu 2 (55)
2-out RBI: R Cano, J Giambi 4, J Posada, A Rodriguez 3, J Damon, B Abreu 2
GIDP: D Jeter
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: A Gonzalez 1, W Betemit 1, R Cano 2
Team LOB: 7
SB: B Gardner (2, 2nd base off J Wright/M Ramirez)
DP: 3 (R Cano-W Betemit 2, R Cano-D Jeter-W Betemit).
New York Yankees
S Ponson5.097731283-504.18
E Ramirez (W, 2-0)2.000013030-203.10
K Farnsworth1.000021024-133.89
L Hawkins1.00000009-75.86
Batters faced: S Ponson 24; E Ramirez 7; K Farnsworth 5; L Hawkins 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: S Ponson 6-7; E Ramirez 3-0; K Farnsworth 1-1; L Hawkins 1-2

Scoring Summary

2ndR Cano doubled to deep right, A Rodriguez scored.01
3rdM Young doubled to right, B Boggs scored, I Kinsler to third.11
3rdJ Hamilton singled to center, I Kinsler and M Young scored.31
3rdJ Giambi homered to right, J Damon, D Jeter and A Rodriguez scored.35
5thJ Posada walked, B Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to third, J Giambi to second.36
6thM Bradley homered to right, J Hamilton scored.56
6thC Davis homered to center, F Catalanotto scored.76
7thJ Giambi doubled to deep left center, B Abreu and A Rodriguez scored.78
7thJ Posada doubled to right, J Giambi scored.79
7thW Betemit grounded out to second, J Posada scored, R Cano to second.710
7thB Gardner singled to right, R Cano scored.711
7thJ Damon singled to left, B Gardner scored, J Damon to second advancing on throw.712
7thA Rodriguez homered to right, J Damon and B Abreu scored.715
8thJ Damon singled to right, J Molina scored, B Gardner to second.716
8thB Abreu singled to center , B Gardner scored, J Damon scored, D Jeter to second.717

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