Momentum seems hard to come by for the Yanks theses days; after winning the day before, the Bombers were blown out of the water by the hapless Blue Jays, 14-3.
The lone bright spot in the evening was the return of Hideki Matsui, who hit a three run homer in the top of the seventh.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF-LF3010121.313
D Jeter SS4010023.297
C Ransom SS00000001.000
B Abreu RF4000013.288
J Molina 1B0000000.227
A Rodriguez 3B2100111.308
W Betemit 3B1000000.259
J Giambi 1B3020010.250
B Gardner CF1000000.189
X Nady LF-RF4110013.315
H Matsui DH4113002.317
R Cano 2B3000010.261
I Rodriguez C3010010.288
HR: H Matsui (8, 7th inning off R Halladay 2 on, 1 Out)
RBI: H Matsui 3 (37)
GIDP: B Abreu
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: D Jeter 1, A Rodriguez 1
Team LOB: 4
SB: J Damon 2 (23, 2nd base off R Halladay/R Barajas 2)
E: J Giambi (7, ground ball)
New York Yankees
S Ponson (L, 7-4)2.087710051-314.67
D Robertson1.132211031-195.96
B Traber2.174412148-347.02
E Ramirez0.10000106-43.57
C Britton2.031102038-274.61
Batters faced: S Ponson 14; D Robertson 8; B Traber 15; E Ramirez 1; C Britton 10
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: S Ponson 2-3; D Robertson 0-3; B Traber 1-4; E Ramirez 0-0; C Britton 0-4

Scoring Summary

1stA Rios singled to right center, J Inglett scored.01
2ndR Barajas hit sacrifice fly to center, A Lind scored.02
3rdA Rios doubled to deep right, J Inglett and M Scutaro scored.04
3rdA Lind singled to center, A Rios scored, V Wells to second.05
3rdJ McDonald singled to center, V Wells and A Lind scored, L Overbay to second.07
4thM Stairs doubled to deep center, M Scutaro, A Rios and A Lind scored.010
5thM Scutaro homered to left, J McDonald and J Inglett scored.013
7thH Matsui homered to right, A Rodriguez and X Nady scored.313
8thM Scutaro doubled to left, R Barajas scored, J Inglett to third.314

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