In the final game ever played at Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Bombers sent out baseball's beloved cathedral in grand fashion. Andy Pettite pitched the best he has in a month, Jose Molina hit the last ever home run at the Stadium, and Mariano Rivera closed the door (despite a non save situation) in Mo-like fashion to end the ninth.

Derek Jeter was taken out of the game in the ninth inning to receive the proper sendoff the Yankee Captain was due. The entire Stadium erupted when Jeter came out to tip his hat, one last time.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF-LF4113100.307
M Cabrera LF0000000.243
D Jeter SS5000023.301
W Betemit SS0000000.260
B Abreu RF4120010.299
A Rodriguez 3B2000202.303
J Giambi 1B3011102.249
B Gardner PR-CF0100000.190
X Nady LF4000003.267
C Ransom 1B0000000.296
R Cano 2B2111101.264
H Matsui DH3110002.294
a-I Rodriguez PH-DH1000001.278
J Molina C4232000.221
a-grounded to second for H Matsui in the 7th
HR: J Damon (16, 3rd inning off C Waters 2 on, 0 Out); J Molina (3, 4th inning off C Waters 1 on, 1 Out)
RBI: J Damon 3 (69), J Molina 2 (17), J Giambi (94), R Cano (64)
SF: R Cano
GIDP: J Giambi
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: D Jeter 2, I Rodriguez 1, X Nady 1, R Cano 1
Team LOB: 7
SB: B Abreu (20, 2nd base off L Cormier/R Hernandez)
E: A Pettitte (2, ground ball)
New York Yankees
A Pettitte (W, 14-14)5.073213085-634.54
J Veras (H, 10)0.200011016-83.54
P Coke (H, 3)0.20000108-50.00
J Chamberlain (H, 18)1.200001014-82.46
M Rivera1.000000011-81.45
Batters faced: A Pettitte 24; J Veras 3; P Coke 2; J Chamberlain 5; M Rivera 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: A Pettitte 6-6; J Veras 0-1; P Coke 1-0; J Chamberlain 2-2; M Rivera 3-0
Scoring Summary

2ndJ Payton grounded into fielder's choice to third, A Jones scored, K Millar out at second.10
3rdM Mora singled to right center, B Roberts scored.20
3rdJ Damon homered to right, H Matsui and J Molina scored.23
4thB Roberts singled to right, K Millar scored, J Payton to second.33
4thJ Molina homered to left, R Cano scored.35
7thJ Giambi singled to shallow left, B Abreu scored.36
7thR Cano hit sacrifice fly to left, B Gardner scored, X Nady to second.37

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