The Rays had the Yanks dead to rights last night, but a ninth inning rally looked like the Bombers had a little pulse left in them.

Derek Jeter hit a three run home run and Alex Rodriguez followed with a blast of his own (550th of his career) to pull the Yanks within two.

The Yanks scored five runs in the ninth, but failed to complete the comeback, falling 7-5.

New York Yankees
J Damon LF4100112.313
D Jeter SS4113110.294
A Rodriguez 3B3111202.315
X Nady RF4010111.289
J Giambi DH4000013.247
I Rodriguez C4110010.281
R Cano 2B4000011.267
C Ransom 1B3131100.750
B Gardner CF3000033.182
a-H Matsui PH1000011.302
a-struck out swinging for B Gardner in the 9th
2B: C Ransom (2, S Kazmir); I Rodriguez (19, J Hammel)
HR: D Jeter (9, 9th inning off J Hammel 2 on, 2 Out); A Rodriguez (32, 9th inning off J Hammel 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: C Ransom (6), D Jeter 3 (66), A Rodriguez (91)
2-out RBI: D Jeter 3, A Rodriguez
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: A Rodriguez 1, J Giambi 1
Team LOB: 8
SB: A Rodriguez (17, 2nd base off S Kazmir/D Navarro)
Outfield Assist: B Gardner (D Navarro at Home).
New York Yankees
D Rasner (L, 5-10)1.165521043-255.43
A Aceves5.051124197-611.29
C Britton1.231120031-193.93
WP: D Rasner
IBB: W Aybar (By C Britton)
Batters faced: D Rasner 12; A Aceves 22; C Britton 9
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Rasner 1-2; A Aceves 2-9; C Britton 0-4

Scoring Summary

2ndG Gross doubled to right, E Hinske scored, D Navarro to third.01
2ndJ Bartlett hit sacrifice fly to center, D Navarro scored, G Gross to third.02
2ndA Iwamura singled to center, G Gross scored.03
2ndW Aybar singled to right, A Iwamura and B Upton scored, C Pena to second.05
4thW Aybar homered to right.06
8thB Upton hit sacrifice fly to center, A Iwamura scored.07
9thC Ransom singled to center, I Rodriguez scored, C Ransom to second advancing on throw.17
9thD Jeter homered to right center, C Ransom and J Damon scored.47
9thA Rodriguez homered to left.57

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