After two excessively long rain delays, the Yankees finished what they started by dismantling the Red Sox; 19-8.

Too bad it doesn't matter, a sentiment echoed by Bomber manager Joe Girardi; "I would have liked to have knocked them out of the playoffs and put us in. That would have meant something. It really doesn't [mean anything]."

Cody Ransom and Brett Gardner each had career days; Ransom homering twice in two consecutive at bats, off of two consecutive first pitches. Garder had a career high four RBI's. Bobby Abreu scored four runs and eventually knocked in his 100th RBI of the season.

Aceves lasted only four innings, and walked four batters, the most ever in his short major league career. The walks were most likely a result of the rain, causing Aceves to rarely get a good grip on the ball.

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