by Chris Lima
River Avenue News

Congratulations to Carl Pavano, owner of an impressive 4-2 record this season, and proud parent of a 5.77 ERA.

Pavano, in his last start before hitting the free agent market, lasted 3.2 innings giving up five runs, including a home run to Vernon Wells.

Team's interested in acquiring Pavano can rest assured that he is fully rested, throwing maybe 30 innings in the past four seasons. Ignore his history of irrational injuries, they were caused by having access to an irrational amount of money.

And please, if you're interested in Pavano's services, ignore that ridiculously high earned run average. 5.77 is an adjusted era, partially because the Yankee's score keeping official refused to give errors to Bomber fielders, where they were obviously due. If Bobby Abreu had been playing where he was supposed to (Tier Box, Right Field, Row F, Seat 3) he would have been in position to field half the balls hit off Pavano.

So, from all of us here at River Avenue News, we'd like to wish Mr. Pavano good luck in his future endevors, wherever they may take him.

And if that path happens to wind up having him sign a multi year deal with the Yankees for more than 15 cents, we've got a writer on staff with AA Batteries and one heck of an arm.

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