Roy Halladay continued his mastery of the Yankee lineup yesterday, striking out three and only allowing two runs (both homers to Giambi and A-Rod).

The win was Halladay's fourth against the Bombers this season.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF5020010.313
D Jeter SS4000002.294
B Abreu RF4010002.299
A Rodriguez 3B3111002.306
J Giambi 1B3111000.251
X Nady LF4020002.304
H Matsui DH4010003.303
R Cano 2B4000013.268
J Molina C3000012.225
a-W Betemit PH1000000.258
a-grounded to second for J Molina in the 9th
2B: X Nady (7, R Halladay)
HR: A Rodriguez (29, 4th inning off R Halladay 0 on, 0 Out); J Giambi (28, 6th inning off R Halladay 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: A Rodriguez (81), J Giambi (84)
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: A Rodriguez 1, H Matsui 1, R Cano 1, J Molina 2
Team LOB: 8
DP: 1 (D Jeter-R Cano-J Giambi).
New York Yankees
A Pettitte (L, 13-11)6.11066141112-784.52
J Veras0.200012022-123.51
A Aceves2.000003019-170.00
WP: J Veras
IBB: V Wells (By J Veras)
Batters faced: A Pettitte 29; J Veras 3; A Aceves 6
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: A Pettitte 8-7; J Veras 0-0; A Aceves 0-3

Scoring Summary

1stV Wells singled to right, M Scutaro scored, A Rios to second.10
1stR Barajas doubled to deep left, A Rios and V Wells scored.30
2ndS Rolen homered to left.40
4thA Rodriguez homered to center.41
6thJ Giambi homered to right.42
7thD Eckstein singled to left, J McDonald scored, M Scutaro to third.52
7thM Scutaro scored, D Eckstein to second on wild pitch by J Veras.62

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