Last week, Baseball Officials ushered in the notion of instant replay. Last night, baseball officially entered the "Instant Replay Era", and none other than Alex Rodriguez became the poster boy.

A-Rod launched a shot that hit the catwalk at Tropicana Field, and after Rays catcher Dioneer Navarro and manager Joe Maddon protested, umpires took a two minute, fifteen second timeout to determine whether or not the ball actually was a home run.

The blast was A-Rod's 31st of the season and moves him into a tie with Mike Schmidt on the all time list.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF5110001.316
D Jeter SS5010010.295
B Abreu RF4220112.301
A Rodriguez 3B4234111.315
J Giambi 1B4111113.250
C Ransom PR-1B0000000.600
X Nady LF4100114.290
H Matsui DH4011011.303
R Cano 2B4121010.269
I Rodriguez C4011012.281
2B: R Cano (28, E Jackson); I Rodriguez (18, E Jackson); B Abreu (36, E Jackson); A Rodriguez (32, E Jackson); J Giambi (15, E Jackson)
HR: A Rodriguez (31, 9th inning off T Percival 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: R Cano (61), I Rodriguez (35), A Rodriguez 4 (90), J Giambi (87), H Matsui (44)
2-out RBI: R Cano, I Rodriguez, H Matsui, A Rodriguez 2
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: I Rodriguez 1, A Rodriguez 1, J Damon 1, X Nady 1
Team LOB: 7
SB: B Abreu 2 (18, 2nd base off T Percival/D Navarro, 2nd base off E Jackson/D Navarro); J Damon (26, 2nd base off E Jackson/D Navarro)
CS: A Rodriguez (3, 2nd base by G Balfour/D Navarro)
DP: 1 (R Cano).
New York Yankees
C Pavano4.063321179-474.20
E Ramirez (W, 5-1)1.010000011-83.61
P Coke (H, 1)2.000000026-170.00
B Bruney (H, 8)1.000001011-72.33
J Veras1.011111020-113.62
HBP: J Bartlett (By C Pavano)
Batters faced: C Pavano 21; E Ramirez 3; P Coke 6; B Bruney 3; J Veras 5
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: C Pavano 4-7; E Ramirez 0-2; P Coke 2-4; B Bruney 2-0; J Veras 1-1

Scoring Summary

1stC Floyd doubled to right center, B Upton scored.01
2ndR Cano doubled to left center, X Nady scored.11
2ndI Rodriguez doubled to shallow right, R Cano scored.21
3rdA Rodriguez doubled to left, B Abreu scored.31
3rdJ Giambi doubled to deep left center, A Rodriguez scored.41
3rdH Matsui singled to center, J Giambi scored.51
4thA Rodriguez singled to right, J Damon scored, D Jeter to second.61
4thG Gross homered to right, D Navarro scored.63
9thA Rodriguez homered to left, B Abreu scored.83
9thA Iwamura doubled to left, G Gross scored.84

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