It's currently 9:58 Thursday morning and I've officially stopped looking for the Yankee's playoff box scores.

My days of late have been overflowing with free time, as I'm not spending hours writing about tonight's starting pitcher, Cano under performing, or looking for another embarrassing picture of Carl Pavano.

My time allotted for Fantasy Baseball has kind of been replaced by Fantasy Football, but really, you only have to check that once a week.

Some fun things I've noticed since the Yankees haven't been on TV lately:

- During the fall, leaves change different colors. Apparently that happens every year around this time.

- I've had more time to start reading other blogs, some painfully funny, others painfully odd.

- I've had more time to appreciate articles like this one, found on "The Onion".

- Production at my job has increased almost 200%, resulting in one of my videos being featured on Youtube.

- Since the Yanks have been eliminated from playoff contention, I've had more time to figure out a plan of action I'd take, if the Yanks choose to offer another contract to Carl Pavano.

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