And so ushers in the next era of Yankee baseball.

No, not the one that has Teixeira holding the coveted first base position for the New York Yankees.

I'm talking about the era that will last eight years; the era of me constantly misspelling the new Bomber's last name, and constantly typing like a 90 year old grandmother to ensure that I don't spell it wrong.

My biggest frustration with the Yankees' 2009 Offseason plan wasn't the fact that they outspent the entire GNP of the Congo, Tibet, or Guam. My issue is the fact that the Yankees spent that money on a man with a last name that is almost physically impossible to type.

We were excited when the Yankees acquired Nick Swisher. Swisher. The name just flows off the keyboard.

Burnett and Sabathia. Pretty easy to handle.

But Teixeira? GOOD F#@*'IN LORD!

My left hand will inevitably become crippled due to the constant strain of reaching for the letter "X" when I have to type such news articles as "Teixeira Hits Walk-Off to Complete Series Sweep" or "Teixeira Continues His 30 At-Bat Hit Streak" or "Teixeira Saves Wounded Seal, Wins Triple Crown"

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the New York Yankees organization for constantly delivering a great product to its loyal fans.

And we'd like to take this opportunity to make this Seasame Street announcement:

"The Letter X has been brought to you by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"

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