Carlos Delgado set the Mets team record for most RBIs in a game (9). Delgado pounded two home runs, grand slam and a three run shot, en route to a Mets 15-6 win at Yankee Stadium.
Carlos Beltran also homered for the Mets, a two run shot.

New York Yankees
M Cabrera CF5020112.257
D Jeter SS4110013.285
A Gonzalez SS1000001.180
B Abreu RF3100211.276
A Rodriguez 3B4232002.332
b-C Moeller PH-C1000001.258
J Giambi DH3111201.267
J Posada C-1B5010027.302
R Cano 2B5011003.241
W Betemit 1B-3B5121021.264
J Christian LF3000014.273
a-J Damon PH-LF2011010.324
a-struck out swinging for J Christian in the 7th
b-flied out to left for A Rodriguez in the 8th
2B: R Cano (17, M Pelfrey); D Jeter (14, M Pelfrey); W Betemit (6, C Muniz)
HR: A Rodriguez (15, 6th inning off P Feliciano 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: J Giambi (45), A Rodriguez 2 (43), R Cano (29), W Betemit (11), J Damon (35)
S: D Jeter
2-out RBI: J Giambi, W Betemit
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: D Jeter 1, J Christian 1, M Cabrera 1, J Posada 4
Team LOB: 14
New York Yankees
D Giese (L, 1-3)4.056643196-573.50
E Ramirez1.222211033-183.60
R Ohlendorf1.156610133-196.52
L Hawkins2.021110129-206.03
Batters faced: D Giese 21; E Ramirez 8; R Ohlendorf 10; L Hawkins 9
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Giese 3-6; E Ramirez 3-1; R Ohlendorf 3-1; L Hawkins 2-4

Scoring Summary

1stD Wright singled to left, L Castillo scored.10
1stJ Giambi singled to left, B Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to third.11
3rdC Beltran homered to right, L Castillo scored.31
3rdA Rodriguez singled to left, D Jeter scored.32
3rdR Cano grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, A Rodriguez scored, J Posada out at second, J Giambi to third.33
3rdW Betemit reached on infield single to third, J Giambi scored, R Cano to second.34
5thC Beltran grounded into fielder's choice to second, J Reyes scored, D Wright out at second, L Castillo to third.44
5thC Delgado doubled to right, L Castillo and C Beltran scored.64
6thD Wright singled to right, B Schneider scored, L Castillo to second.74
6thC Delgado homered to right, L Castillo, D Wright and C Beltran scored.114
6thA Rodriguez homered to left center.115
8thD Wright singled to right center, J Reyes scored, L Castillo to second.125
8thC Delgado homered to right, L Castillo and C Beltran scored.155
9thJ Damon singled to right, W Betemit scored.156

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