Darrell Rasner got off to a shaky start, allowing four runs in the first inning, but settled down and shut down the Jays the rest of the way.

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez each homered in the win.

New York Yankees
D Jeter SS5123002.287
B Abreu RF5010025.271
A Rodriguez 3B5123032.313
J Giambi 1B4000003.249
W Betemit 1B1010000.250
J Posada DH3100211.270
R Cano 2B5110013.248
M Cabrera CF5220023.244
C Moeller C3100003.242
B Gardner LF2223200.182
2B: R Cano (19, B Tallet)
HR: D Jeter (5, 1st inning off J Litsch 0 on, 0 Out); A Rodriguez (19, 4th inning off B Tallet 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: D Jeter 3 (42), B Gardner 3 (6), A Rodriguez 3 (53)
2-out RBI: A Rodriguez 2, B Gardner 2, D Jeter
GIDP: D Jeter
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: C Moeller 1, M Cabrera 1, J Giambi 1
Team LOB: 7
E: C Moeller (3, catchers interference); R Cano (7, bobble)
New York Yankees
D Rasner (W, 5-7)5.0743160108-754.97
E Ramirez1.000001014-112.73
J Veras1.000001011-72.87
K Farnsworth1.000010017-83.51
L Hawkins1.000001019-135.79
HBP: M Stairs (By D Rasner)
Batters faced: D Rasner 26; E Ramirez 3; J Veras 3; K Farnsworth 4; L Hawkins 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Rasner 6-3; E Ramirez 0-2; J Veras 0-2; K Farnsworth 0-3; L Hawkins 1-1

Scoring Summary

1stD Jeter homered to right.10
1stM Scutaro singled to center, J Inglett scored.11
1stA Lind tripled to right center, M Scutaro, L Overbay and B Wilkerson scored.14
2ndB Gardner singled to center, J Posada scored, M Cabrera to third, C Moeller to second.24
2ndD Jeter safe at first on error by second baseman M Scutaro, M Cabrera scored, C Moeller to third, B Gardner to second.34
2ndA Rodriguez singled to center, C Moeller and B Gardner scored, D Jeter to second.54
3rdB Gardner singled to right, R Cano and M Cabrera scored, B Gardner to second advancing on throw.74
3rdD Jeter singled to center, B Gardner scored.84
4thA Rodriguez homered to left.94

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