Brett Gardner made a fantastic catch, climbing the center field wall at Yankee Stadium, robbing Luke Scott of a home run. In what could be the last great catch ever made at the Stadium, Gardner also added an RBI while going 1-4.

Carl Pavano pitched well enough to earn his fourth win of the season. Thanks to an outstanding display from the bullpen, the Yanks were able to hold onto their 3-2 lead. They're still clinging onto whatever shred of playoff hope they have left.

New York Yankees
J Damon DH4120011.310
D Jeter SS4010002.305
B Abreu RF2000202.298
A Rodriguez 3B3000104.302
J Giambi 1B3020102.251
M Cabrera PR-LF0000000.243
X Nady LF4010002.277
C Ransom 1B0000000.333
R Cano 2B4111003.264
I Rodriguez C3110101.279
B Gardner CF4011002.190
2B: B Gardner (4, R Liz)
HR: R Cano (14, 3rd inning off R Liz 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: R Cano (62), B Gardner (12)
GIDP: X Nady
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: I Rodriguez 1, B Gardner 1, A Rodriguez 2, J Giambi 1
Team LOB: 9
SB: I Rodriguez (10, 2nd base off R Liz/R Hernandez); J Damon (29, 2nd base off R Liz/R Hernandez)
E: J Giambi (9, throw)
Outfield Assist: B Gardner (N Markakis at Home).
New York Yankees
C Pavano (W, 4-1)5.062212073-474.99
P Coke (H, 2)0.200012017-80.00
B Bruney (H, 10)0.20000208-71.99
D Marte (H, 10)0.20000005-45.19
J Chamberlain (H, 17)1.000003015-102.51
M Rivera (S, 37)1.020000018-131.49
Batters faced: C Pavano 21; P Coke 4; B Bruney 2; D Marte 2; J Chamberlain 3; M Rivera 5
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: C Pavano 5-7; P Coke 0-0; B Bruney 0-0; D Marte 1-1; J Chamberlain 0-0; M Rivera 2-1

Scoring Summary

1stA Huff singled to center, B Roberts scored, N Markakis thrown out at home.10
2ndL Montanez hit sacrifice fly to left, A Jones scored.20
3rdR Cano homered to right.21
3rdB Gardner doubled to deep left, I Rodriguez scored.22
5thJ Damon scored, D Jeter to second on wild pitch by R Liz.23

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