Continuing with our analysis of the Yankees 2009 offseason plans, Bobby Abreu will be given a hard look by Yankee Brass, as the future of "Rightfield 09" will be decided in the upcoming months.

With a lazy fly ball out during a 19-8 whooping of the Red Sox, Abreu was able to drive in his 100th run of the season. Abreu points to his consistency as his main selling point for what he hopes to be a return to pinstripes.

In an article on, Abreu was quoted saying; "I've played here two years and two months, and I think they can see what kind of player that I am.I haven't changed anything. I just do my things. I put my numbers every year there and I do my job like a third hitter. I'm not trying to do more than I've been doing, just always be the same. I think I've been doing good the last two years and two months."

Abreu, according to the same article written by Byran Hoch, says he wants to return to the Yankees next season.

But, as we've pointed out in the past, is a communist organization that rarely reports on anything outside of candy canes and fairy dust in the world of baseball. So take that article with a rather large grain of salt.

Abreu knows what the market is for an everyday outfielder, and is a free agent for the first time in his career. He'll be looking for a multi-year deal that'll pay him big money.

Abreu will also be smart to sign that deal before Manny signs on with another team. We're thinking that Manny won't get the type of years/money he thinks is coming to him, and its in Abreu's best interest to dicate the market for an outfielder before Manny signs.

Abreu also knows how desperate the Yankee outfield situation currently is. Matsui and Damon can't play everyday anymore and Cabrerra is coming off a horrific season that ended with a demotion to Triple A Scranton. Brett Gardner shined in his brief stint in the big leagues, but he's a powerless (albiet younger) version of Abreu.

If Abreu walks, the Yanks can look to Xavier Nady to fill in right, which is his natural position. Other free agent outfielders include Adam Dunn, Manny, and Vlad Guerrero if the Angels do something stupid like buyout his contract and refuse to pick up the club option.

River Avenue News Prediction:
Abreu signs with crosstown bums; solidifies Met's outfield.

  1. Mike October 25, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

    My guess is the Yanks keep him.

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