In continuing with our Offseason 2009 analysis, we take a look at upgrading the Bomber's Roster via the trade market. We're only looking into feesable trade opportunities, ones that aren't far fetched (say Melky Cabrerra and a sack of potatoes for Carlos Beltran).

Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrerra for Brian Roberts and a low level prospect.

Why This Trade Works

If the Yankees are truly dedicated to getting to the World Series next season and are committed to making necessary organizational upgrades without sacrificing their untouchables (Hughes, Kennedy, Joba, etc) then this trade makes perfect sense (for both teams).

We understand that Cano had an off year in '08 and is likely to rebound next season. Melky, on the other hand, is a nightmare with an outfielder's glove.

Baltimore is a team that's preparing for the future, and they have to decide whether they are going to committ 100% to that rebuilding plan. Obtaining Cano and Melky provide a short term boost to the team's flailing existence while allowing their other components (Adam Jones, Matt Wieter, etc) to grow at a major league level.

Brian Roberts is a great fit for the Yankees. His consistency in the field and at the plate are a major upgrade over Cano and would be better suited to hit leadoff than Damon. Roberts hit 51 doubles last season and stole 40 bases. The year before, Roberts hit 42 doubles and stole 50 bases. His speed is sorely needed in the Yankees aging lineup.

By moving an underperforming Cabrerra, the Yanks would free up roster space to give Brett Gardner and extended shot at playing everyday.

Why This Trade Doesn't Work

Might be too early to give up on
Cabrerra (although that ship has already sailed by our measure). His trade value plumetted this season, after a late season demotion to Scranton. Both Cano and Cabrerra are young, and this trade could come back to bite the Yanks in the ass down the road. Cano, again, had a rough season and should bounce back next year.

We're sure that there are Yankee fans who are fed up with Cabrerra, and wouldn't bat an eyelash if he were moved this offseason, but Cano is worth a lot more than a 31 year old second baseman who has never had to produce in a pressure situation.

The same thing, however, was said when the Yanks traded away Alfonso Soriano.

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