Continuing with our look at the potential offseason moves that the Bombers will and need to make to put 2008 behind them, we take a look at Andy Pettite, and whether he'll be wearing pinstripes next season.

Andy went 14-14 in 2008 and was a symbol of "awful consistency". He could never put together consecutive quality starts, and his ability to stop Yankee losing streaks (as had in the past) was almost non-existent.

His era of 4.54 was his worst since he posted a 4.70 era in 1999. He was still able to throw over 200 innings last season, but his 103 earned runs was a career worst.

Andy's return will depend on how successful the Yankees are in luring free agent arms to their new home in the Bronx. If the Yanks can sign CC, AJ, or any othe guy they have on their radar, Andy's return chances may seem slim.

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