Bobby Abreu had five hits while Cano, Molina, Ransom, and Nady each homered en route to a Bomber 9-4 victory.
Mike Mussina left in the sixth inning, giving up four runs, as the Yankees trailed by one. After scoring two runs in the top of the eighth, the Bombers added four more in the ninth, sealing the win.

New York Yankees
J Damon CF5110002.312
D Jeter SS5010020.296
B Abreu RF5251000.295
A Rodriguez 3B5220014.309
J Giambi 1B4010023.250
C Ransom 1B11130001.000
X Nady LF5122020.319
H Matsui DH3000211.313
R Cano 2B4121001.263
J Molina C4111024.227
2B: J Damon (26, R Liz); A Rodriguez 2 (28, J Walker, F Cabrera)
HR: R Cano (11, 5th inning off R Liz 0 on, 0 Out); J Molina (2, 5th inning off R Liz 0 on, 0 Out); C Ransom (2, 9th inning off F Cabrera 2 on, 2 Out); X Nady (8, 9th inning off F Cabrera 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: B Abreu (82), R Cano (56), J Molina (14), X Nady 2 (21), C Ransom 3 (5)
2-out RBI: C Ransom 3, X Nady
GIDP: A Rodriguez
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Damon 2, J Giambi 1, J Molina 1
Team LOB: 7
CS: B Abreu (11, 2nd base by R Liz/R Hernandez)
DP: 1 (A Rodriguez-R Cano-J Giambi).
New York Yankees
M Mussina6.0944031110-753.45
J Veras (W, 4-2)1.000000011-52.78
D Marte (H, 5)0.20000006-410.12
M Rivera (S, 29)1.100000015-101.60
HBP: A Huff (By D Marte)
Batters faced: M Mussina 25; J Veras 3; D Marte 3; M Rivera 4
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: M Mussina 7-7; J Veras 2-1; D Marte 0-2; M Rivera 1-3

Scoring Summary

1stB Abreu singled to right, J Damon scored, D Jeter to second.10
1stA Huff singled to right center, B Roberts scored.11
3rdA Huff singled to center, N Markakis scored, M Mora to second.12
4thR Hernandez homered to left.13
5thR Cano homered to right.23
5thJ Molina homered to left.33
6thR Hernandez hit sacrifice fly to left, K Millar scored.34
8thB Abreu scored, A Rodriguez to third on wild pitch by K Mickolio.44
8thX Nady singled to right, A Rodriguez scored.54
9thC Ransom homered to left center, B Abreu and A Rodriguez scored.84
9thX Nady homered to center.94

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